Bei Fragen wendet euch bitte auf Echo per Privatnachricht an folgende Spieler:

  • Nalax

Oder per Discord an Nala#2202.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


No. Every change will be saved instantly.
You can verify it by looking at the input-field. It will turn green for a short period.

Example: saved


The content of your "Note" field can be seen by other users when they visit your profile.
You can add useful information to this field like your IGN, what and how you trade (e.g. archmonsters 1:1) or the current state of your list (e.g. obsolete; last updated: yy/mm/dd).
By activating extended tables, tables will be separated into several pages, furthermore additional information about the content will be added to the table.
That is the amount globally added or substracted to all archmonsters,
e.g. you collect 3 ochres and setting that modifier to 1 increases all numbers by 1, basically setting the status of 1 ochre to completed.[1]
By setting the modifier to -1, you will remove 1 quantity from every Archmonster you have.